Duet Display vs Astropad

Jan 28th, 2017
Savannah Reising

When researching apps to use the iPad Pro as a graphics tablet, many artists consider Astropad and Duet Display. While Duet Display is primarily intended to use your iPad as a second monitor, Astropad was designed to turn the iPad into a professional graphics tablet. This chart outlines their specific differences so that you can make an informed decision of Duet Display vs Astropad!

Works with Mac
Works with PC
Pressure sensitivity
USB connection
Wifi connection
Pinch to pan/ zoom
Second display
Keyboard support
Touch Bar support
Color correction
Stroke preview line
Custom pressure curves
Pressure smoothing
Hover simulation
Custom shortcuts
Eraser tool
3-button mouse simulation
Undo/ redo gestures
Rotation gesture
Free Trial

You can see a comparison of Duet Display and Air Display here. You can learn more about Astropad Studio features here. And to read about how artists are using Astropad in their workflows, check out our Artist Showcase series.

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