Recommended Styluses

iPad Pro: Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is the best stylus in the world. Just get it!

Other iPads

We’ve tested every pressure sensitive iPad stylus on the market, and our favorite is the

A less expensive option without pressure is the:

To find out why we chose these styluses, keep reading…

Adonit Pixel

We consistently reach for styluses made by Adonit when using Astropad, in particular, we like the Adonit Pixel. The Pixel is pressure sensitive (2048 levels), Bluetooth, and of excellent build quality. The stylus comes with two programmable buttons and a USB charger for the built-in battery. Best of all, the Pixel has a fine tip, unlike the fat nibbed styluses you’re used to using with iPads.


  • Great pressure sensitivity with 2048 levels
  • Fine point for a more natural experience
  • Has a built-in battery with a handy USB charger
  • Works well with Astropad’s palm rejection


  • Can be less accurate at some drawing angles
  • Fairly expensive

Buy now: Adonit Pixel


Adonit Jot Pro

If you’re looking for a more affordable stylus, we recommend the Adonit Jot Pro. The circular tip on the stylus provides an incredible amount of accuracy. Unfortunately, it lacks any support for pressure sensitivity. This stylus is “passive,” it doesn’t use Bluetooth or have any electronics. This makes it more affordable, but also causes palm rejection to be less accurate. However, if you’re just getting started, the Jot Pro makes a great choice.


  • Most accurate passive stylus
  • Less Expensive


  • No pressure sensitivity
  • Less accurate palm rejection
  • Circular tip can be fussy

Buy now: Adonit Jot Pro


 What about iPad 2?

Astropad runs on the iPad 2 but it doesn’t have Bluetooth LE, so the Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint will not work with it.  The  stylus that we recommend for iPad 2 is:

Buy now: Adonit Jot Pro

There isn’t any pressure sensitive stylus for iPad 2, unfortunately.