Artist Showcase: Adolfo Correa

Sep 19th, 2016
Savannah Reising




Adolfo Correa

Where do you live?

I am originally from Santiago de Chile but I’ve recently moved to Spain looking for new challenges in Europe. I love traveling and learning from different cultures. When I feel that I am not learning and working at the level that I want, I know it’s time to go higher and move on.

What inspires you? 

Lately my inspiration comes from the current world sporting events. I’m not a sportsman but I admire all of the effort that athletes put forward to reach their goals. I’m inspired by the athletes that gave everything during the Olympics and the World Cup. I like to imagine the discipline that is behind the drive of these athletes. Also art and everything around the internet is very stimulating.

What emotions frequently show through in your art? 

I always try to transmit the energy, positivity, power, and elegance from the human disciplines. Every piece I make takes me a lot of time working with the details. I love when people take a closer look and spend time noticing the intricacies of my work.  I’ve always thought that design with art is a powerful tool for communication. Big brands know that, so I strive to be a part of that.

What words do you live by?

Family & Design.

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