Artist Showcase: Mariosupa

Aug 12th, 2016
Savannah Reising

Afro Africa - Made with Astropad

Rituals 1 - Made with Astropad

Rituals 2 - Made with Astropad

Mario Hounkanrin (aka Mariosupa)

Where do you live? 

I moved from Paris to Amsterdam 2 years ago to be with my better half.

What inspires you?  

I was born in Benin, West Africa, but we moved to Paris when I was 4. I spent most of my life in Paris and that’s where I started my career as a graphic designer back in 2001. Getting older, I felt like I needed to go back to my roots somehow. And diving into those roots made me start drawing again. What inspires me most is ancient and tribal arts. What some people wrongly call “primitive” arts. I try to interpret these inspirations with my graphic design skills to create something new.

Does your art follow a theme or motif? 

For now, my focus is really African infused art. I’d love to show the world (as much as I can) how great African arts and cultures are when you take time to look at them. My illustrations are the result of growing up with African art at home and my interest for masks, body paintings, scarifications, ceremonies, and religions that have thousands years of history.

How does art challenge you? 

For a long time, I was only focused on my graphic & motion designer career. But when I started posting illustrations on Instagram a few months ago, I was surprised by the engagement of the people. I always thought that my drawings were meaningful only to me until then. Now, I make illustrations or drawings as much as possible in parallel with my freelance projects. I have so many images inside my body, I could draw all day long but I have to eat and pay the rent. Art is changing my life lately, for the better.

What is your personal mantra? 


Little Red Riding Hood - Made with Astropad

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