Custom Wifi Diagnostics Tool & General Bug Fixes

Apr 18th, 2019
Rachal Duggan
Illustration by Rachal Duggan

Release Notes: Astropad Studio 3.1 and Astropad Standard 3.1

Our Investment in Improvement 

Our latest update is all about optimizing our Astropad software and general bug fixes. And, if you use Astropad with Luna Display, there’s now a more seamless experience for saving your mirroring preferences. Here are the highlights for Astropad Standard and Astropad Studio 3.1:

New WiFi Diagnostics Tool 🛠

We built a custom diagnostics tool to help us troubleshoot if you experience a connectivity issue. This will help us better understand what you’re working with and find a solution that fits your needs.

Goodbye to 3rd Party Styluses ✍

Astropad Standard users, It’s official. We no longer support the use of 3rd party styluses. For the data behind our decision, check out this post.

How to Update  

This release requires you update both your Mac and iPad. Visit the iOS App Store to update your iPad app. If you aren’t automatically prompted to update the Mac app, you can download the latest version here:

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