Astropad for iPad Pro

Dec 22nd, 2015
Malyse McKinnon


iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is a monumental leap forward for Astropad, and we are incredibly excited to announce our official support today. This is a big deal for us, as we now have the hardware we’ve been dreaming of for Astropad.

Here are some of the things we’ve done to make Astropad on iPad Pro the best experience yet:

What’s New

•   Support for both the iPad Pro screen size and the Apple Pencil
•   Advanced stroke tuning to remove stray points, and provide beautiful strokes with Apple Pencil
•   Support for tilt on the Apple Pencil, we feed the angle of the Pencil into your Mac for more accurate brush simulation
•   We’ve built a custom pressure curve specifically for Apple Pencil
•   Further reduced latency, especially for Macs that have dual graphics cards
•   Image quality is improved, so the image on your iPad Pro is crisper

We think the iPad Pro is incredibly exciting for artists everywhere, and definitely complements Astropad. This is a beginning; we plan on adding more features, and developing more possibilities for this great combination.

Look forward to it!

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