iPad Pro + Astropad is Replacing the Wacom Cintiq

Here’s the evidence:

“I love Astropad – it completely benched my Wacom tablet. The Wacom is forgotten in my bottom drawer and hasn’t seen the light of day since I installed Astropad.” Erkki Alvenmod, photographer


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“I think Wacom should be worrying most about their Cintiq 13HD customers, because I would choose the iPad Pro over it hands down. It has the same screen size, almost the same price, and can be used as both a portable computer and an external tablet (via the Astropad app, which works great). The iPad Pro is also much more portable, as the Cintiq has a lot of cables and a bulky power adapter, and requires a laptop to work.”

“It’s a go! The latency is nonexistent compared to a Cintiq. It’s much better in so many ways and your pockets will be much happier.” Dave Garcia, photographer

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“Astropad makes retouching on the iPad Pro absolutely amazing.  The ability to pinch and zoom, move around, and really get into the details of the image in Photoshop or Illustrator is just a huge bonus.  I loved how smooth the pencil to screen was compared to Wacom’s rough texture.  This new process allowed me to retouch images 10x faster than my normal process and the extra real estate on the iPad allowed me to not pan around as much.”

“I was debating on whether or not to get a Cintiq and decided to go with Astropad/ iPad Pro. Couldnt be happier!” Dante Terzigni, illustrator

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“I have a lot of experience with a Cintiq 13HD; but I love my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Astropad. Much easier to carry around, and for my high-end photo retouching, works well. Keep it coming…”
John Stork, photographer

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