Pressure Curves

Feb 23rd, 2017
Malyse McKinnon

Release Notes: Astropad Studio 1.1

We’re happy to announce a new feature has been added to Astropad Studio’s Stroke Lab – Custom Pressure Curves !

Where to Find Pressure Curve Settings

In Astropad Studio’s Main Menu sidebar, tap Pencil & Stroke to access preferences for pressure, stroke, and drawing. Scroll down to Pressure Curve, and select between different pen pressure settings; “Soft” (Default), “Hard,” or choose “Custom.”

In Pencil & Stoke sidebar menu, select Custom…
Customizing the Curve

After tapping Custom in the sidebar, you’ll find a default curve ready to be changed, with two white circles and a red line connecting them.

Default Custom Pressure Curve – Two White Circles and a Red Line between them

Move the red line in different directions to adjust the pressure curve. Tap anywhere on the red line, and white circles are added.

The white circles are points that help make more precise arrangements along the curve. They can be moved by dragging them individually with a finger or Apple Pencil. Easily remove circle points by tapping on them individually as well.

Examples of adjusting Astropad Studio’s pressure curve

Then test your strokes by drawing with varying pressure in your workspace. While drawing, check the sidebar to see a preview of where your applied pressure is on the curve.

Preview where your pressure is on the curve.

There are many more possibilities with custom pressure curves. Explore this new feature to find your ideal pen pressure, and enhance the productivity of your workspace.

For more information on Pencil & Stroke, check out our Manual.

Other Updates in Astropad Studio 1.1

– Fixed stuck Modifier key

– Fixed broken on-screen Caps Lock key

– Fixed SmartCover input bug

How to Update Astropad Studio

Visit the iOS App Store to update your iPad app.

If you aren’t automatically prompted to update the Mac app, you can download the latest version here:

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What do you think of the added Custom Pressure Curve? Post a message in our Community Forum.

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