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Meet Rebekka (Version 2)

original rebekka
The Original Rebekka

Rebekka is Astropad’s hero woman – she’s complex and captivating, and she’s been the face of Astropad since its inception in 2015. The original watercolor, Rebekka, was made by artist Rebekka Ivácson (hence the name), and it embodies the artistic merit of Astropad users.

In anticipation of Astropad Version 2 (free update coming this summer!) we issued an open call to the Astro Community to design a new Rebekka.

We thought it would be fitting to have a ‘Rebekka-refresh’ come out with the cool new features we’ll be introducing in our free Version 2 update.

To find the next iteration of Rebekka, hundreds of artists shared their portfolios with us – everything ranging from manga to watercolor to 3D models of Rebekka. We were so impressed with the submissions that we chose to commission work from two artists: Ellen Edgerton and Siena Summers – you can check out their work below.

You’ll have to wait to find out which Rebekka was our final pick for Astropad Version 2. Stay tuned – We’ll be sharing the free update for existing Astropad users later this summer!

Finally, thank you to everyone who submitted their portfolios! Remember to tag your work with #Astropad to be featured on our Instagram @astropadco.

“Rebekka” by Ellen Edgerton
“Rebekka” by Siena Summers