On-Screen Keyboard Enhancements

Mar 29th, 2017
Savannah Reising

Release Notes: Astropad Studio 1.2

We’re bringing some major improvements to the on-screen keyboard with the latest Astropad Studio update. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Added Function Keys (F1-F12): Function Keys are disabled by default. To enable them, visit the General Settings on the iPad app.
  • European (ISO) layout keyboard support
  • Speed improvements – keyboard is faster to appear on screen
  • Polished up keyboard UI
Other Updates in Astropad Studio 1.2
  • Fixed ColorSync bug
Improved Clip Studio Paint Compatibility

This month, we also pushed an update to improve compatibility with the comic software Clip Studio Paint. You can read more about the update here.

How to Update Astropad Studio

Visit the iOS App Store to update your iPad app. If you aren’t automatically prompted to update the Mac app, you can download the latest version here: astropad.com/hello



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