Settings & Info

Whether you need to change some shortcuts, adjust the magenta preview line, or set the brightness of your iPad, check out different features available from the Settings menu in the sidebar.

Settings Menu

When you tap the ⚙ symbol in the Shortcuts Sidebar, it opens more of Astropad Standard’s iPad Settings. Functions accessible in this menu include:

    • Edit Shortcuts: Change and rearrange the shortcuts in the sidebar
    • Pencil & Stroke: Here you can adjust or disable the Magenta preview line length, as well as remove Apple Pencil.
    • General Settings: Adjust different display settings, including; brightness, resolution, and color.
    • Connection: Shows status of the connection quality between Mac and iPad
  • Learn & Support: Read help materials and more information on Astropad Standard!

Edit Shortcuts

By default, Astropad’s Standard’s shortcut commands are set to accommodate Photoshop. If you work with other programs, the commands will need to be changed for the program in-use.

Tap an existing command – Enables renaming and editing the shortcut.

Tap the red circle – Prompts with the option to delete the selected command.

Add Shortcut – Lets you name and add a brand new shortcut.

Reset to defaults – Return the original default commands.

When you tap a shortcut, it will open another window, where you can rename or change the keystrokes of an individual shortcut. When you’ve made any changes, tap Save to finish and see the update made in the Shortcuts Sidebar.

Rename or change the keystrokes of a shortcut

Pencil & Stroke

Under Mac Cursor, choose to hide* or show your cursor while drawing.
(*Please note: This feature may not be compatible with all tools, because some programs may not allow certain tools’ cursors to be disabled.)

Adjust the Magenta preview line by selecting different options in Stroke Preview Length

Pencil & Stroke Sidebar menu

Choose Custom” to set a more exact length of the preview line:

Set the size of the Magenta preview line

General Settings

If your iPad screen is too bright, or not set bright enough, check out General Settings. Here you can get quick access to iPad display brightness; and also disable Retina if your Mac does not have support.

Set your iPad’s screen brightness, or accommodate to non-retina setups
    • Display Brightness: Adjust the brightness of your iPad screen
    • Display Resolution: Switch between Retina or Non-Retina settings. If you’re Mac does not have retina support, it is best to set this to Non-Retina; your iPad will mirror your Mac’s screen quality but not the other way around.
    • Color Calibration: Enable or disable ColorSync. Depending on your setup, turning this off or on may improve the color quality.
  • Reset to Defaults: If ever needed, you can always reset.


Whether you prefer USB or utilizing Wifi, the Connection menu helps you see the current status of the connection quality between your Mac and iPad.

If there are any problems, check out Wifi Troubleshooting Guide to help narrow down the issue.

Example of USB Connection status

Learn & Support

We’re always working to add more help and support materials for Astropad. For quick access to setup, tips, and individual program guides, take a look here.

Learn & Support menu

For any troubleshooting, check out Astro FAQs and support page; or send us an email to support[at]!