Wifi Troubleshooting

To have optimal wifi performance with Astropad, these are recommended for your router:

  • Use latest 802.11ac router
  • Use 5Ghz band

With any router quality, Wifi connection can be tricky at times. Always make sure both Mac and iPad are on the same wifi network.

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Doesn’t connect initially
  • High latency
  • iPad “blinks”
  • Slow redraw performance
  • iPad app opens and closes

Here are some steps to take for alleviating the issue –

  1. Try USB to help establish initial connection
  2. Connect using Manual Wifi connection in Astropad
  3. Try restarting both Mac and iPad
  4. Restart your router

If the problem still persists:

  • Move closer to your router, or move the router to improve signal
  • Change Firewall or security program permissions
  • Update to latest version of iOS and Mac OS

What could be the potential cause of failed wifi connection?

  • Router on 2.4ghz band (this can conflict with Bluetooth)
  • Being too far from router, which weakens the signal
  • Using Mac as a hotspot
  • Ethernet cord plugged into Mac
  • Use of multiple routers, and/or more than one network
  • Wifi extenders
  • Corporate network security policies
  • Firewalls and security programs
  • Using VPN

If wifi connection is still not successful after trying these tips, please contact us – support[at]astro-hq.com